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Grumpy Giraffe Gang or GGG for short is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated cool and unique giraffe NFTs🦒
all with different and beautiful styles. Each giraffe is 1/1 crypto art arriving on OpenSea soon.





On planet earth🌎,A big herd of unhappy and annoyed giraffes who were living in the savanna finally had enough from basic survival, the destruction of their homes💥 and being illegally hunted down by the humans. they created a plan to escape this harsh life and move to a new place free from the humans "The NFT SPACE" The giraffes opened a portal through a PC they stole from a savanna tourist. Through the portal they went and found a bunch of weirdos.🙄 and now still super grumpy and having no regards to the laws of this new place the giraffes have formed a big "organization" to make sure no one will mess with them again.😈🦒
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A collection of 10,000 Giraffes that are super grumpy but also super cool and unique.😎
Each giraffe is a programmatically generated 400x400 PNG art using python, Our giraffes are generated randomly from 9 traits like Eyes👁, Hats🎩, Makeup💄, Shirts👕, Weapons⚔, and more....😉
All traits Combined have more than 300 attributes!!!!

Our goal is to give back to the community by supporting a lot of NFT artists on the opensea platform, we plan on doing A LOT of NFT giveaways 😍.
Also, we would like to support the Giraffes by donating some of the profits we make from this project to this nonprofit organization: Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
This organization protects giraffes in the wild from illegal hunting, poaching and preserves their habitat.

Presale minting on our website will be available on the 1st of October at 12 am EDT Main sale is soon to be announced.

As soon as we will launch the presale you can get it on our website or find us on OpenSea

Each giraffe is randomly generated from 9 traits like hats, shirts etc...., some giraffes have one of a kind items, some have traits that are rarer than other traits, and some giraffes are wearing a full set of clothing or costume.
We have a rarity tool on our website to see how much each and every giraffe is cool and if this project will be super liked we will release it on 😇
There will be no duplicate giraffes! 😉

Main sale mint price will be 0.05 ETH and Presale price will be 0.032 ETH

Except owning a dope ass giraffe🦒 you get the following stuff:
1) Commercial Rights over the art.
2) Voting and recommendation rights on artists or Collections GGG should support.
3) Right to enter members-only giveaways.
4) A chance to win free GGG merch giveaways.
5) Being a part of an amazing growing community.
6) Participation in gang war (Coming Soon!)
7) *The right to flip it for profit Gainz 💪🏽.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you still have some questions feel free to ask them on our #ask-us-anything channel on our Discord




Founder & Artist

I always loved giraffe. They were always super cool to me. I'm so happy I can share my giraffe love with you.


Ella aka FantasyNFTs

Artist & Community Manager

When I heard about the illegal hunting of giraffes I knew I had to do something. I strongly believe that this project can help the situation.



Website & Backend

At first I thought my friend was kinda stupid, illustrating giraffes, but then I fell in love with giraffes.

Keep an eye on the giraffes